Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Release! LARIAT: Road Kill MC #6

Road Kill MC #6: LARIAT

A standalone, HEA, cliffhanger Free new release!
Angela Monroe is a public defender who cares for the weak. Because she is strong.

She has had to be.

When a client is murdered in jail before bail can be arranged, Angela vows to get to the bottom of the ultimate injustice. Instead, she finds herself face-to-face with a threat more dangerous than any she has ever known:

Lariat, Road Kill Motorcycle Club rider and former Navy Seal expert knotter.

Lariat hadn't seen his cousin, Mini, in a decade. When a hot female attorney reaches out for his help for Mini, he freely gives it. Until circumstances turn deadly, and his rage supersedes caution.

What Lariat can't know is the yin to his yang just presented herself with sharp heels and a mind to match.

Can two opposites come together from the ashes of heartache? Or will the flame of their chemistry burn out before love can ignite?
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